Up Coming Changes to the Merc

1.    We are taking bids on new carpeting in the back and side DR also the foyer and steps   (Completed)

2.    We are taking bids on new tile in and around both waitress stations  (completed)

3.    Putting in an additional smoker eater in the bar  (completed)

4.    Addition to the Bi-Laws for all military members they pay no membership dues while in the service of      our country                Completed

5.    putting new floor molding around the bar   (completed)

6.    New Computer system   (Completed)

7.    New TV in Bar far front corner replacing the one above the ATM machine  (completed)

8.     Sound Bar on Center TV / Bar   (removed)

9.    New Sound system for bar for TV's, Juke Box and PA system    (Completed)

10.  New Wifi system for "all of the club"     (Completed)

11.    New Carpet and Tile for Back DR, Side DR and Foyer   (completed)

12.     Install new "Booth" against wall were old juke box was seating 6 up to 10   (Completed)

13.    New "Booth" and tables in Bar area  (Completed)

14.    New Pie Display in Small DR  (Postponed)

15.    New Mercantile Club Scholarship Fund for Children and Grand Children of Member (Active)

16.    Adding "Charter" to Bi-Laws   (Going for Vote December meeting) Passed

17.    Now posted additon to Bi-Laws for renewals (Posted)

18.    Looking for Roofing Contractors to replace roof on cooler and frezzer